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Staff Augmentation Services (LCG – SAS)


Lobana Consulting Group (LCG) – SAS program is an answer to your business’s requirements where you just need to supplement your existing resource pool. This requirement may be due to additional work load, month-end surge of work, or maternity leave. Whatever the reason is, LCG-SAS program assists you, our valued client, in getting the much needed resources fast in order to complete your work on time, and with ease.  Once LCG-SAS resources arrive, their main task is to give your managers’ peace of mind of knowing that their work will get done, and with the high quality that you have started to expect from our company.

These resources could be contract individuals or full-time individuals depending on your requirements. Our main focus is to service your business in the best possible way, and we work with you in coming up with an arrangement that meets your needs. LCG-SAS program is flexible. You can utilize this program to get resources for one week or one year.

LCG-SAS resources are managed by your business managers who provide the work instructions directly to the contracted resource. Hence, the cost of LCG manager is avoided with this approach. This results in additional cost savings for your business.

LCG-SAS resources are available in the following key arenas –

–          Accounting and Finance

–          Internal Audit

–          IT Audit

–          System Implementations

–          Supply Chain Management

–          IT System Administration

–          Administrative Resources