IFRS Conversion

Lobana Group consultants are CAs, CMAs, or CGAs that are experienced in IFRS conversions in Canada, European Union, and Australia. Lobana Consulting Group provides the following assistance in the area of IFRS conversion and implementation:


  • Project Management of entire IFRS Conversion process.
  • Development of a project plan for convergence and anticipated effects.
  • In depth analysis and review of the impact of selecting specific accounting policies allowed under IFRS.
  • Research on industry-specific technical details, and related impact on the financial statements and disclosures.
  • Assessment of impact on financial and operational processes as a result of IFRS conversion.
  • Review of the impact on the data collected and analyzed through the companies’ information systems
  • Training of relevant Finance personnel on International Financial Reporting Standards, and details of the differences from the National GAAP.