Customized Training

LCG affiliates with various training and teaching partners from North America to provide customized seminars and courses. The custom training courses are provided to the company personnel. The customized teaching courses are also provided to the students at the Upper Year Undergraduate and Graduate level in the Universities. These courses are developed and administered by the Industry Professionals with 15-30 years experience in their fields of expertise. LCG brings you some of the best trainers North America has to offer in the specific topic areas mentioned below.

We start the process of course development by identifying the specific needs of the companies/institutions, and develop the courses to meet their specific needs. These courses allow individuals to grow to the next level of competence utilizing tried and tested knowledge technologies from North America, and from around the world.

If your company/institution requires training in the following topics or the related areas, please contact us:



TAME THE TECHNOLOGICAL TIGER – Governance of Information Technology (how to handle the rapidly changing technological Environment)

– DATA IN SERVICE – Learn about latest Data Analytics tools and techniques to take your business to the next level.

– CYBER RISK – How to manage the RISKS brought in through your presence on the INTERNET.

– ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS – Special Course for Accountants and Auditors – Have the knowledge about the Information Systems to not only manage them effectively..but also obtain the most value from them.



INDUSTRY SPECIALIZED INTERNAL AUDIT (including Sector specific Internal Audit Courses such as Mining Audit, Financial Services Audit)

– TECHNOLOGY AUDIT (How to audit technology to ensure that technology related risks are addressed in a most efficient manner)

STRATEGIC RISK MANAGEMENT (Taking Risk Management to the Strategic Level – Special Course for Internal Auditors, Accountants, and Management Personnel)

FRAUD AUDIT (Development of adequate control infrastructure to adequately manage the risk of Fraud)

FLOW AUDITING (Great techniques to gain significant efficiencies in your internal audit work)



– VALUE GENERATOR – How to train the mindset of your employees to constantly generate VALUE.

– LEGACY DRIVER – How to let your legacy drive you to higher significance in life (course especially formulated for Senior Management personnel)

– LEAD YOUR PERSON – Teaching your employees how to lead themselves to become their SUPER selves!! Better they do..more you will do as an organization.

– IGNITE – Hands on Technologies for the trainees to improve their Creativity and Innovation abilities.

– SHIFT – Shift of Mindset of employees from employee mindset to the INTRAPRENEUR mindset.

– PEOPLE WEALTH GENERATOR – How to get your employees to obtain the PEOPLE WEALTH.

– COLLABORATION EXTENSION – Extend your organization through COLLABORATION. Learn the tools to make it happen.


Please contact us at [email protected] to set up custom courses to meet the needs of your specific organization or institution.