COSO 2013: Transition from COSO 1992

COSO 2013: Transition from Original COSO (1992)


If your company has been complying with SOX 404 and any related standard in your country, you have been most probably relying on the Integrated Control – Integrated Framework published in 1992 by the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (referred to here as  COSO 1992). Now, in May 2013, COSO has released their updated COSO framework (referred to here as COSO 2013). The new standard needs to be followed by the end of December 2014. Hence, it is important for you and your compliance professionals to know the differences between the COSO 1992 and the new COSO 2013, so that you can assist your company to move towards following the requirements of the new COSO 2013. In this seminar, you will:


–       Understand the key features of COSO 2013

–       Understand the differences between COSO 1992 and COSO 2013

–       Understand the practical mechanism to move controls from Original COSO to the COSO 2013 framework.

–       Get to know the impact of COSO 2013 on the IT Controls.

–       Utilize your newly learnt knowledge on practical examples of 2 companies.


Course Duration: 2 Day


Course Cost: $1695 USD


For Registration: Please contact us [email protected]